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Restaurant Marketing: Some Marketing Features for Restaurant Website

A couple of month ago my team and I wanted to eat at a restaurant in Cape May, we were going to Delaware and had to layover for about 2 hours in this small holiday city.We had to take the  Cape May Ferry in order to cross to Delaware.

Anyway , my friend had a recommendation from his sister who had been there before , but we forgot the name of the restaurant so we started searching for keywords about the restaurant and possible names but was useless, these small South Jersey businesses had never heard of Marketing or Search Engine Optimization , or any kind of online marketing, they were no were to be seen.

In the end we were able to find a phone number , call the restaurant and make a reservation, get directions and eat.The food was fantastic of course.Right before leaving ,a polite old man, the owner came by to ask us how was everything.

After we gave our positive feedback we told him about our unpleasant hustle of searching his restaurant online and explained to him how important online visibility is these days.We told  him about Weeby Network , I know these guys because they did SEO to my business as well.

Now, we further contacted Weeby Network and they sent us a list with most important things for an online visibility for a restaurant:

  • 1.Menu – publish menu on the restaurant website or any other online tool.
  • 2.Location info and Google Map – its really easy to integrate google maps into a website
  • 3.Contact info – clear details, hours of working.
  • 4.Videos or Photographs of the establishment for better recognition by the consumer.
  • 5.Online reservation maker , such as Open Table, or any other tools , there are several available out there.

For all the business owner out there , find a SEO Company and improve your online visibility.It is a must.For those who don’t know a seo company we recommend this SEO NJ company.

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Restaurant Critics and Reviews


Restaurant Critics And Reviews


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